Paddington Village Multi Storey Car Park

Paul was responsible for all health and safety at a new 1,250 space car park constructed at the Paddington Village development in Liverpool, which sits at the eastern gateway to the city centre.  The 14-storey car park services Paddington Village, a £1bn flagship expansion site within Liverpool’s Knowledge Quarter, which is home to education, health, science, and technology facilities as well as residential, hotel, leisure, and retail. 

Paul created the work health and safety plan, so the risks involved were managed from start to finish. Ultimately, he overseen the safe installation of the lift and stair cores, as well as stairs, landings & beams. In compliance with Construction Design Management law, you must have the right people for the right job at the right time and communicate this information effectively to those who need to know. This was the approach Paul took and the result was a very safe and legally compliant project.