Using our vast design risk management and construction experience we will manage your project from start to finish to minimise the potential Safety risks arising on site – giving you peace of mind that you know you are in safe hands.

What is PSDP?

The PSDP is nominated by the client to mange the co-ordination of the design work. It is a legal requirement to have a fully competent Project Supervisor to co-ordinate health & safety considerations from project initiation to handover. Th safety conscious recommendations made by the PSDP and the decisions taken by the designers and client, impact the building users significantly.

How do we do it?

  • We work with the design team to ensure that any recommendation to the client & the team takes account of the General Principles of Prevention.

  • There is a duty on the design team we liaise closely with them to ensure an understanding of these recommendations as the design develops.

  • We create & communicate a roadmap with clear responsibilities and timeframes for actions

  • Paul will manage the design risk management with a practical and teamwork approach

  • Identify hazards and eliminate risk from the design process

  • Hold regular team meetings for clear communication on measures or risk

  • Regular health & safety onsite inspections maintaining standards throughout project duration

  • Prepare the site file to allow for handover of the completed structure to the client