Tottenham Hotspur’s New Stadium

Paul managed the safe supply and install of internal staircases and 12 sets of steps for Tottenham Hotspur’s new 62,000-seater stadium.  

A complex project Paul provided guidance for people with legal duties under CDM 2015. He collaborated with the client explaining what they must do to comply with the law. The main barrier to overcome was the restriction in size of each piece that could be lifted in. The staircases were lifted in at 1.5m wide each but with the steps being too large at 3.25m wide; each piece for the 12 sets of steps were made individually and pieced together with a steel frame.  A carefully thought out & detailed lifting plan was put in place to ensure the exacting standards were met.

The internal feature staircases and all steps were completed with a bespoke polished finish to match the existing floors in the stadium, including polished disks to disguise lifting points.